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Jonathan Greeson is a Series 65 Licensed Financial Advisor, CFP® Professional, and North Carolina State University alum living in his hometown, Pikeville, North Carolina.

Prevailing through it all.

Born with a type of Muscular Dystrophy*, Jonathan has always used an electric wheelchair to get around.

Prior to owning his own practice, he worked as a Budget Analyst for Wayne County 4-H, wrote and published his book, My Online Angel, and founded the North Carolina Electric Wheelchair Hockey Association.

In his free time, Jonathan enjoys reading comic books, watching movies, writing, drawing, and playing hockey.

*Though Jonathan has a disability which may result in illness, all accounts are handled by custodians, such as TD Ameritrade and Fidelity. As such, this allows the client to access his/her account from a computer or mobile device. If the situation occurs where Jonathan is unavailable, we would advise you to contact Patriot Wealth Management before making any major decisions regarding your account.
What others may view as a hindrance,
I see as an opportunity.

—Jonathan Greeson

What we believe.

All can achieve the American Dream through hard work, discipline, patience, and a proper financial plan.