I have thought about starting a blog for a while, but was afraid to really share my thoughts because of how people may react. I did not want to lose support from people who did not share my views. On the other hand, some people will agree and may even be helped by my comments.

I believe that we are all given gifts that we should use to help our fellow man. I wasn’t given the physical strength to build someone a house or carry food to starving people, but I am able to share a different view on situations.

In my blog, I will take a news story or life situation each week and offer a different perspective. Some weeks will be very controversial while others will be fun. Email me if there are specific topics you want me to discuss.

My goal is not to saywhat is “right or wrong,” but to make you think and perhaps be a little inspired. I hope to have new postings every Friday. I look forward to sharing this journey with all of you. Thank you for your support!


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