1. What Jesus Teaches Us About Money

    What does Jesus teach us about money?  Many people have attempted to tackle this subject, perhaps since the beginning of Christianity.  We celebrate the Christmas season as the time when Jesus made His physical debut in our world, so I thought this would be an opportune time for me to make my first attempt to…

  2. How much should I have in an Emergency Fund during COVID-19?

    How much should I have in an emergency fund during COVID-19? The normal rule of thumb for how much to have in an emergency fund is enough to cover three to six months of expenses.  Let’s be honest, the COVID-19 Pandemic dislocated that rule of thumb.  If you had six months of expenses and lost…

  3. Do I Need a Financial Advisor?

    Yes, I believe everyone needs a financial advisor. If you are asking “Do I need a financial advisor?”… “Do I need a financial advisor” is one of those questions we ask, but never trust the answer.  People say we don’t need a financial advisor because we just need to spend less.  That’s all we do…

  4. The First Financial Mistake We Make

    Before talking about real estate as an investment I think an important question is to ask what we do regarding our own home.  Do we rent or own?  The decision needs to be based on your situation, not an imaginary timeline and certainly not only on convenience. If you are starting your career, before rushing…

  5. The Coffee Can

    Folgers coffee ran a campaign that really hit home for me and there was very little coffee involved in the commercial.  The family wrote something on a piece of tape, which they stuck to the coffee can.  The word on the tape was a product they desired, such as a new baseball glove, and the…

  6. Don’t Get Left Behind!

    My family moved to Pikeville in 1980.  My sisters were born in Florida.  Dad was told that in order to meet people in Pikeville they needed to bank at a certain bank, attend a certain church, and even vote for a certain political party.  I wasn’t born until 1982, so I can’t verify the story….

  7. Investing Like a Tortoise

    Animals play a role when we talk about the stock market.  If you’re a bull, or “bullish,” then you believe the markets will rise.  A bear, or “bearish” investor, believes the market is going down.  With the current market reactions to the Coronavirus Pandemic, I’m reminded of a story involving two other animals.  Have you…

  8. Love and Money

    English was always my toughest subject in school. My struggle wasn’t really with the language, but with interpretation of what we read.  I always missed the subtle meanings of an author’s words that teachers loved putting on tests.  I would love to go back in time to ask classic authors (and artists) about our interpretations….

  9. The Entertainment Economy

    We’ve all heard that the American economy is the greatest in the world.  While that may be true, it’s important to understand the type of economy in which we live.  Like other countries centuries ago, we started as an agricultural economy.  The Industrial Revolution then gave us many technological advances which we take for granted…

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Jonathan Greeson is located west of 117 and south of E. Main St.

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