1. Investing vs. Gambling

    Finally, sports betting will be legal in North Carolina on March 11!  Gambling on sports is nothing new.  We’ve all participated in our office pools.  I remember filling out March Madness brackets as far back as seventh grade, with each game being worth around a quarter. A perfect bracket was worth about thirty dollars, which…

  2. The Long Term Care Puzzle

    The long term care puzzle has always been an interesting part of financial planning to me. Personally, I think the ultimate form of independence is being able to choose who provides your long term care.  Unfortunately, most of us will have to rely on the government to make this decision for us.  It’s sad, but…

  3. Planning (And Paying) For Home Care

    Home Care or Home Health Care? One of my clients works in home health and she wanted me to share my opinion on saving for the future costs of home care and home health care.  Before we get into the numbers did you know there is a difference between home care and home health care? …

  4. How much should I have in an Emergency Fund during COVID-19?

    How much should I have in an emergency fund during COVID-19? The normal rule of thumb for how much to have in an emergency fund is enough to cover three to six months of expenses.  Let’s be honest, the COVID-19 Pandemic dislocated that rule of thumb.  If you had six months of expenses and lost…

  5. Don’t Get Left Behind!

    My family moved to Pikeville in 1980.  My sisters were born in Florida.  Dad was told that in order to meet people in Pikeville they needed to bank at a certain bank, attend a certain church, and even vote for a certain political party.  I wasn’t born until 1982, so I can’t verify the story….

  6. Risk Avoidance

    Recently, I purchased a Nintendo Switch.  By no means am I a “gamer,” but I do enjoy playing games.  It’s actually great exercise for my fingers, which is a bonus because I’m always looking for creative ways to do physical therapy.  At $299, some may think it no big deal, but for me it was…

  7. Working From Home

    One of the statements you often hear in the investment world is “spotting a trend.” Some may think it only relates to a stock chart with all the ups and downs of company’s share price, but as with many skills in the financial world, finding trends is also important in the “real” world. Social media…

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Jonathan Greeson is located west of 117 and south of E. Main St.

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