1. Risk Avoidance

    Recently, I purchased a Nintendo Switch.  By no means am I a “gamer,” but I do enjoy playing games.  It’s actually great exercise for my fingers, which is a bonus because I’m always looking for creative ways to do physical therapy.  At $299, some may think it no big deal, but for me it was…

  2. Advertising Appreciation

    My sister is doing a marketing seminar later this month and I have been her consultant on the subject.  As a business nerd I am interested in marketing because it is vital to the success of a business.  How would the consumer know a business existed without marketing?  Advertising allows us to learn about new…

  3. Government Shutdown

    When I graduated from college, it was tough finding a job.  It’s hard for everyone, but having a disability put me at a disadvantage.  I wasn’t discriminated against, but I can understand how a company may see me as a risky investment.  I was advised to seek employment in the Government because they were more…

  4. The Millennial vs. The Account Minimum

    “I would work with you, but my finances are a mess and I don’t have enough money to plan with.”  I actually think people in this situation are exactly who need the services of a financial planner.  I believe that at its core, financial planning is about building a future, not just managing assets.  If…

  5. The “Evil” Payroll Tax

    The Payroll Tax increase has been well documented recently and I would like to use this blog to offer some perspective because I think most of our anger is misguided. Yes, our checks are smaller, but this isn’t a new tax. Since the 1930’s, Americans have paid a FICA tax, which helps fund Social Security…

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Jonathan Greeson is located west of 117 and south of E. Main St.

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