Movie Goers, ASSEMBLE!

It’s finally time for Marvel’s The Avengers to open in theaters this weekend! Personally, I have been waiting for this movie since watching Thor and Captain America. Yes, it’s safe to say, I am a “comic book nerd.”

I enjoyed comics as a kid, but my love for them was rekindled in the hospital where I spent some time last summer when I caught a horrible stomach virus. I became so bored with television that I had to find an alternative. I enjoy shows and movies that actually have scripts, thus I hate reality shows. To me, they are just trashy talk shows without the stage and the studio audience. There are few sitcoms on television now, so I mostly watch reruns of old favorites. I also like cartoons because they take effort to create. Of course, I enjoy watching sports and movies as well.

After another hospital stay, I was told that my gall bladder would have to be removed in the fall. I went to Marvel’s website to find a comic store, so I could stock up and prepare for my next hospital visit. I found a place called Heroes are Here in Goldsboro, NC. I promised Adam (the owner) I would give him a little plug in this blog. Heroes are Here is located just outside the Seymour Johnson Air Force Base gate on Berkeley Boulevard. They have a large variety of comics for all ages. If Adam doesn’t have it, he can get it. It is a fun little store with a helpful staff, including Solomon the cat, who welcomes you in the store like a little guard dog. I wonder if they need an experienced part-time book keeper with an interest in working in the private sector?

Unfortunately, my gall bladder surgery didn’t go as planned as I caught pneumonia. I had to have a tracheostomy (just like 2008 for those who have read My Online Angel), so I had to endure that hell again. Lying in a hospital bed is very tough for me because I hate sitting still and my body gets very weak. My family had to hold my comic books for me to read, but they didn’t mind. That action became a motivator for me because I wanted to be able to read by myself. It felt like such an accomplishment when I became strong enough to sit at a table in my wheelchair and read.

The comics themselves also started to motivate me. My favorite hero is Captain America. In his story, he was a really small guy who wanted to join the Army and help his country during World War II. After trying to enlist many times, he was finally invited to participate in a secret program, which would create super soldiers using a special serum. He was chosen because of his character and desire to help others. When he was given his chance to be great, he made the most of his opportunity. I found this not only admirable, but also relatable. I have faced death twice and was given 2 second chances. Maybe I was given those chances because there are still more people I could help. I knew that once I got out of that bed, I could no longer let fear of failure stop me. This second chance at life may be my chance to be great and I have to go for it! I just need an Agent Carter to help me like Captain America had, she was pretty!

When I got home from the hospital, my sister had a Captain America DVD waiting for me. She kept the Blu-Ray copy because she became a fan of Cap as well while holding books for me (although she won’t admit it). If the Avengers is half as good as Captain America, it will be a great movie! It is definitely loaded with characters as Thor, Iron Man, The Hulk, Hawkeye, and the Black Widow join forces with Captain America in what promises to be a great adventure. I won’t be able to see it until Sunday, but I will be there proudly wearing my Captain America t-shirt. I hope all of you give the Avengers a chance because you will be surprised at how much you enjoy it. The movie may even inspire you to find a comic to read. After my experience with comics, if liking them makes me a “nerd,” then I’ll gladly take it as a compliment.

Heroes are Here in Goldsboro with Owner, Adam Beeby, and Solomon, the cat.


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