Hoping for Another…

Saturday could be a big day in American History as I’ll Have Another has a chance to win the Triple Crown in horse racing. I have hockey practice, but you can be sure that I’ll be glued to the television as soon as I get home. My family has always had horses and my mom and sisters show them. I was never really into the showing thing (dad and I always went fishing when they had show days), but I love horse racing! Maybe it’s because of the business/money involved? Or maybe it’s the fact that it’s over in less than 3 minutes?

I have never seen a Triple Crown winner because Affirmed did it before I was born, but I have seen many horses come close. I think my all-time favorite would be Charismatic who won the Derby and the Preakness in 1999. He just seemed to have a good personality. Yes, I said personality. He reminded me of an athlete who would stop and sign an autograph for a kid even though he was busy…one of the true sport heroes. His jockey also deserves praise because he saved Charismatic’s life by not pushing him in the Belmont because he knew the horse was injured on the back stretch.

Unfortunately, I have missed the first 2 races this year in the Triple Crown for the first time that I can remember, but apparently, this I’ll Have Another is an exciting horse to watch! Can he finish the whole thing and win the Belmont? I asked mom if he had enough gas in his tank and she thinks he does. The lady knows about horses, so I’m going to side with her and say he can do it! I just hope I can see it!

Like everything else that is good/fun in life, someone always has to ruin it with a negative. Usually, in horse racing it is animal rights protestors, but they usually just hold up their signs on the side of the road and don’t really bother anyone. This year, however, a worker union threatened to stop the Belmont Stakes! There was a plan to get new workers from other tracks if the Belmont employees went on strike, but they were able to work out a deal.

While I understand the point of unions, it’s moments like this when I understand why all our jobs our outsourced. How could they even consider a strike on the weekend when all eyes in the country are on their track? I know those 8% that are unemployed would have loved to have some on the job training and work this event. I know some people in my house who would jump on the chance!

My point is with 100,000 spectators in the stands and the millions watching at home, the contract negotiation could have waited until Monday! The Belmont Stakes has been running since 1867. The Triple Crown is a part of America’s traditions and, like fireworks on Independence Day, should always happen. It should not be stopped or threatened by egos of CEOS or employees.

All we should do Saturday is hope to witness history and be able to say where we were on June 9, 2012 when I’ll Have Another finally gave us another Triple Crown winner!


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