Today the Supreme Court upheld most of President Obama’s healthcare act. For the past 3 years we have heard bickering over this subject like always in politics…lots of complaining and no solutions.

I believe healthcare needs to change, but I don’t believe it needs a 2,400 page law. Why does it take 2,400 pages to basically say “Treat others like you want to be treated” (The Golden Rule) in regard to insurance? Trust me, if healthy people were in my position, they would want help as well.

It could also tell us to live life as healthy as possible, instead of adding little sections that tax unhealthy activities. I read about a “tanning tax” in an article today. Granted, I like a lady with a nice tan as much as the next guy, but we all know tanning isn’t healthy. Spray tanning looks just as good as long as you don’t go Oompa Loompa Orange on us! My point is there shouldn’t be a “tanning tax” even mentioned in a law. The law could be 2 pages at most!

A concern I have with the new law is when my dad turns 65, will he be required to stop getting his health insurance and forced to use Medicare. President Obama said we could keep it in 2009, but now the political ads say we can’t. If that’s true, then it mocks the free market economy from which this country was built! If my dad wants to buy health insurance with his money, he should be able to! Again, this shouldn’t be in the law…what’s next? Limitations on types of retail we can buy?

I do agree with the law in that everyone needs health insurance. Many people don’t agree with that, but here’s a different perspective. As Americans, we pride ourselves in helping others. If we saw a starving child, each one of us would give him money or donate to a local food bank. We don’t need anyone to tell us to help that child; we do it because we have good hearts. Now, let’s say the Government suddenly REQUIRES us to help that child. I bet a majority of those “good-hearted people” would say, “He’s not my kid, why do I have to help him?”

Having health insurance can essentially be the same as helping the hungry child. By all Americans having health insurance, it lowers the risk of the insurance companies making them able to have someone like me in their pool. In the past 4 years, I have had 2 near death illnesses and the hospital stays totaled over $500,000. There is no way my family could pay that bill without insurance and our premiums will never total enough to reimburse the insurance company for everything they have spent to help me live with a disability. My friends, family, and I are glad I’m still alive and they would have gladly given a donation if it would help me get well.

Sounds like the child on the street, right? Instead of viewing the new requirement as the big bad Government infringing on our freedom, let’s view it as helping others. Your “donation” of a monthly premium will help people like me continue to live and you will receive the security of having insurance, which is good personal financial management. You have insurance on your home and other material goods, so why not insure your body? One long hospital stay and all those material things could be gone without health insurance!

You can read the law here. I think it’s more fun to hear all the interpretations in political commercials instead of actually reading it though! Remember, if you’re against this law, you can vote Republican in November.


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