Cap for President!

This week Marvel released a comic in which Captain America becomes President of the United States. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but it got me thinking. What would happen if in November we all wrote in Captain America for President? Of course, it won’t happen because this election is too important, but that would be the ultimate “screw you” to the politicians.

When I look at an election, I look at it like we are all members of the board of directors and we’re hiring a new CEO. When the Government accounts for over 20% of our GDP, it should be considered a business and it should run like a well-oiled machine. We shouldn’t just focus on the CEO, but look at the business as a whole. If you go all the way down the organizational chart, you will see there are employees who just work in Government for “the benefits” in areas that are not making profit. The Postal Service itself is losing $25 Million a day. Many other departments are the same way. It is far from being the well-oiled machine. If the Government were a publicly traded company, the stock would be worthless because the company is not going in any direction.

The politicians just sit around and bicker instead of working together to improve their company. A true business leader knows you have to treat a company as if it is your child. It has to be nurtured, have new experiences, and grow into something great. Leaders that do this have successful business careers. Why can’t politicians do the same?

Instead they spend millions of dollars on commercials that focus on how bad their opponents are. When we apply for a job, do we go into a job interview and say, “Look, the last guy you interviewed is awful; it doesn’t matter what my qualifications are because you just don’t want to hire that guy?” NO! We share our resumes, sweat through our shirt and tie, and pray that we make a good impression on the interviewer.

Of course, the elected officials in the lower offices have the same problem, but when I look at the President of the United States I see a person who is supposed to represent us to the world. They are supposed to be a true leader and should be respected by everyone. It is an office that should be given to a person of honor who earns the job on their qualifications alone.

When I look at this election, all I see is negative advertising pandering to the idea that one guy is better than the other. We shouldn’t have to look at the greatest position in the free world as “Well I better vote for this guy because he is the lesser of 2 evils.” Our election may as well be 2 teenage girls running for prom queen. It’s the same backstabbing tactics.

When other businesses compete, if one said bad things about the other, a lawsuit would occur. For example, if Pepsi said Coke used baby tears instead of water in their formula for soda, there would be a huge lawsuit. However, when politicians twist words or statistics, it’s “just politics” and nobody has a problem. Why aren’t they held accountable? More importantly, what happened to “treat others like you want to be treated?” It’s really embarrassing to see all that money being wasted on these advertisements when we have people starving, sick, and unemployed. They really have the well-being of our people covered, right?

No, Captain America isn’t real, but if he was I can be certain his leadership would focus on making this country great again. He wouldn’t tear us apart, but unite us. He wouldn’t even care who he was running against. He would try to be the best person he could be…just like a true leader should!


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