My Football Recap

This college football season was exciting for me as all three of my favorite teams are going to a bowl game! Of course, I wish some had better records, but there cannot be three national champions. I’m just happy I have three bowls to watch!

We all know I love my Alma Mater, NC State University. The Wolfpack had some ups and downs this year, but they still finished with a winning record. Unfortunately, the season wasn’t good enough for the administration and they fired our coach. I understand why it happened, but I wish all bosses were held to such lofty standards. If politicians do an average job, they get re-elected; not only the President, but all the other lower offices in which voters just pick names on the ballot. I find it strange that we just mark a name for people that actually affect our future, but if a guy can’t teach an 18 year old how to catch, we string him up! I love football and I look forward to the new NCSU coach, but I think our priorities are a little screwed up.

My second favorite team is The US Naval Academy! When you watch this team play, you just have to love them (unless you’re an Army or Air Force fan) because they play with such effort. The athletes also know that the game is important, but their real battles will come after graduation while defending our Freedom. Not only are the Midshipmen going bowling this year, but they are also playing for the Commander’s Cup on December 8th in the annual Army/Navy game. Fans of the Service Academies know the Cup is probably more important than a bowl game. Unfortunately, I’ll be out of town, but I’ll be checking the score on my phone!

Finally, I love the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. It goes back to the pre-ESPN era when only a few games were televised. Yes, my generation was alive during that time. Of course, NBC always broadcasted the Irish. I don’t remember the 1988 championship, so I am very excited that they have a chance to win another one in my lifetime.

One year ago, I was again in the hospital fighting for my life. I was pretty angry because I was supposed to have a simple procedure removing my gall bladder, but somehow that turned into hell again giving me another tracheotomy. One of the few things that bought be joy during that time was watching the Irish play football. I remember the doctor telling me I had to get a trach right before a game. I had tubes down my nose and throat, so I couldn’t speak, but he was afraid to remove the tubes and transport me to Duke for my surgery.

The last thing I wanted was another trach. He told me that if he removed the tubes, and I got into trouble again, that I would die. I started to cry because I knew what I had to do. I had to endure that hell one more time. In the end it was better because the trach made my surgery easier and safer for me, but at that moment, I just cried. I agreed to the surgery and then wrote on my note pad a simple statement: Can I watch the ND game now?

After helping me get through an illness, there’s only one more thing the Irish can do for me…win a National Title. They have their chance on January 7th and I’ll be watching as always in my lucky blue sweat pants. Go IRISH!


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