In early August I had the opportunity to travel with my hockey team, the Carolina Fury, to participate the USA Powerhockey Championship in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Over the next 3 weeks, my blog will be about the experience of the trip. Yes, playing hockey is great, but the reward comes from having the opportunity to see the country.

In 2011, we also went to Philadelphia. I used that trip to visit all the historical landmarks, such as Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Christ Church (which George Washington attended) is also there and it is beautiful! These are definitely places that every American needs to see, but like the monuments in Washington, D.C., one time is good enough. We stay in Wilmington, Delaware when we participate in this tournament, so I decided to see what that city had to offer on this trip.

On Thursday, my parents and I went to the Delaware Art Museum. I think the museum was a mansion and someone’s estate donated it because it is located in what seemed to be a very old, wealthy, neighborhood. Normally, museums and other attractions are located in the heart of a city, not down a quiet neighborhood road.

The museum itself was great! I am not a student of art or anything, so I don’t really “understand” or “appreciate” the pieces like an “expert” would want me to, but I know what I like. I also appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating art. This museum has a lot of portraits and landscapes, so it’s easy for an amateur like me to appreciate the beauty.

I like to draw in pencil and markers. I am by no means a professional, but its great therapy for my hands and it relaxes me. Over the years I have made a few pictures I am really proud of, but nothing that could be on display. When I go to a museum and see a portrait in colored pencil that looks like a digital photo, I am in awe of how much time and precision it took to create the piece. It makes me wish that we could all just put that much time into our own talents. Imagine how great the world would be if everyone tried as hard in anything as an artist does to create perfection! We can’t even write complete sentences now without abbreviations or a hashtag!

On Monday after the tournament we decided to go to the Wilmington Riverfront. We were thinking it was like other boardwalks with little shops and fun things to see. That was a disappointment! Absolutely nothing there except a few restaurants, so don’t waste your time.

After the disappointing waterfront, we decided to visit Delaware Park and watch some horse racing! It has a full casino, but we were only interested in the horses. That was lots of fun! I have been to Churchill Downs and Keeneland in Louisville, but it was during the offseason, so this was my first experience with live racing.

We placed bets in 5 races and I had to teach Mom and Dad how to make their wagers. Yes, it was my first time, but it involved money, so I was right at home. We ended up breaking even, actually we made $1.50. Dad hit a long shot that paid $50, but he caught the gambling fever and bet on some others. I did convince him to spread his bets among the placing, so we wouldn’t lose everything though (always the financial planner!).

After the races, I had my favorite meal of the whole trip! That’s right; next week’s blog topic is one of my favorites…the food!


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