The Tough Decision…Let’s Go Canes!

When working with clients on cash flow management, we talk about making the tough decision.  I bring in the concept of Opportunity Cost, used by businesses to justify expenses today by showing the value they may bring tomorrow.  Simply, you’re comparing what you’re giving up (money) with what you’re gaining (maybe entertainment).  If the value you receive from the purchase is higher than or equal to the cost, then you should make the purchase.

As we grow, our value system changes.  Expenses that brought us happiness in the past no longer carry the same value.  Then we have to make the tough decision and put our resources toward other goals.  Unfortunately, I realized it was time for me to practice what I preached by not renewing my Hurricanes’ tickets for next season.  For almost 15 years I purchased a mini pack, allowing me to attend 11 home games.  Each game was a great experience I enjoyed sharing with family and friends.

However, last season I noticed attending games were becoming more difficult for me.  I dress in layers because the cold causes tightness in my joints, but it was getting to a level where I could barely drive my chair.  Of course, my family could’ve helped driving the chair, but that independence is very valuable to me.

Also, I enjoyed visiting with friends at games, but we’re all grown up now and have responsibilities.  Friends couldn’t go as often because they had work or family obligations.  Plus, I couldn’t afford to buy another ticket for a spouse or child.  Not to mention, I don’t agree with taking up a whole row of wheelchair accessible seating, so my friends can sit with me.

Dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease recently, so I think going to games would be too much on both of us.  Driving an hour each way and about 4 hours at the arena was a lot to ask of him.  Sure, my sister could take me, but going to a game without Dad is just weird!  It sounds sad, but we haven’t been to a game all year and haven’t really missed it.  I can still be a huge fan while watching games on television.

Living with a disability, I’ve learned that you must adapt.  Fighting to attend games may prevent me from taking the next step in life.  I know that we are building something great here as we change the financial services industry, so I need to be healthy for my clients.  Being content in this new season of my life is a tough decision made easy because I have faith that I’m going in the right direction.

Finally, support the Canes!  My decision has nothing to do with my love for the organization.  It is purely about cutting an expense.  I am confident you will enjoy attending games.  I am so thankful for all the love and support they have given me over the years.  Good luck in the playoffs!  We’ll be watching!  Let’s go Canes!!!


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Jonathan Greeson is located west of 117 and south of E. Main St.

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