The Cost of Finding Yourself

What does finding yourself even mean?

Finding yourself seems to be a difficult task.  People use the term in so many different ways that I don’t really understand it.  For me, it’s easier to understand a sports team’s identity.  A team embraces its identity, then works together to achieve a common goal.  The difference between finding yourself and being part of a team’s identity is that you can’t hide from yourself.  When you’re one of many team members you can hide among the team’s identity and follow the coaches’ instructions.  It’s great to be a part of a team, but what happens when you go home?

One benefit of COVID-19 has been our time at home.

Over the past 6 months, we have had plenty of time to think about where we want to go in our life.  Of course, quiet time is rare if you’re a parent.  My hat’s off to the parents that have had to become fulltime teachers and caregivers.  The good news is that the mystery of finding yourself is over.  You are a parent!  It may not always seem like it, but being a parent is the best title you can have.  There are so many who wish they had that job.

There are risks in how much you invest in finding yourself.

Our society has always placed our identity with our career.  Unfortunately, many people are unhappy in their job, so they try to identify themselves through other ways.  Considering our economy is largely driven by consumer spending, there are many opportunities for you to spend money while you’re finding yourself.  Be honest, during this pandemic have you really missed being so busy every single day?  I haven’t!  Sure, from an economics point of view, it’s important that we go out and participate in these activities.  However, as a fiduciary, my priority has to be your best interest.  Normally, spending all of your money each month is NOT in your best interest.

By no means am I saying we can’t have fun.

I don’t think “finding yourself” is the best excuse for spending money.  My fear, especially for people ages 20-40, is that we do too many activities.  These people may be single and have difficulty staying in an empty home.  Therefore, they hide from their loneliness by spending their money at bars, concerts, sporting events, and other activities each night trying to find what is missing in their life.  Then, when the rent and bills are due, there is no money left!

My job is to help you find the balance between enjoying today and preparing for tomorrow.  That balance starts with a deep dive into your lifestyle.  I want to find those goals in your heart that you need to pursue.  I believe God has a purpose for all of us.  Once we find that purpose, we feel a peace and I think that’s a major step in the journey of finding yourself.

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