February 4th, 2019

Advertising Appreciation

My sister is doing a marketing seminar later this month and I have been her consultant on the subject.  As a business nerd I am interested in marketing because it is vital to the success of a business.  How would the consumer know a business existed without marketing?  Advertising allows us to learn about new…

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  1. Social Security

    In the midst of all the political advertisements, I finally found one that I liked. However, it wasn’t done by a candidate. It was done by the AARP showing a donkey and elephant with one request: Please fix Social Security. Like many things in Washington, I think this is a fairly easy fix, but certain…

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  2. Extra Expenses

    The “Millennial” generation is often the subject of many news stories. Most of these stories shine a less than favorable light on the generation and, while I agree with these stories to a point, sometimes I think the perspective we are given of the Millennial is unfair. I did some research and, yes, there are…

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  3. Debt Management

    One of the services I offer is what I call a budgeting plan, which basically helps the client learn good spending habits. I’ll change the name eventually because I don’t like the view society has of the word “budget.” It seems that when we hear “budget,” we think of Government agencies where they have to…

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  4. Poor Goldsboro?

    I recently read an article that said Goldsboro was the fifth poorest city in the United States. The original article was written by 247wallst.com and I read the summary provided by the Triangle Business Journal. You can read the article here. I was interested in the article because I live in Pikeville, Goldsboro’s neighbor to…

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  5. Zero to One

    Recently, I read Peter Thiel’s book, Zero to One. I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in business and entrepreneurship, but, as I was reading, I found that it also related to personal financial planning. Thiel is a well-respected venture capitalist and one of the first investors in Facebook. Zero to One was based on…

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    What? You don’t know what my title means? Have you Googled it yet? I chose to title this blog SUSAFE because I wanted it to be a New Year’s Resolution for everyone. I may sound like an old man, but in 2014 we should try to Stop Using Silly Acronyms For Everything! (SUSAFE) Aren’t you…

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  7. Hockey

    Instead of the typical, “Oh I love the game it’s such a great experience,” comments I have been saying since we attended our first tournament in 2004, I wanted to share my thoughts as a team representative to give you an idea of what goes on as we continue to make our game better. Of…

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  8. The Food!

    When I travel, I believe that food is part of the trip. I would rather experience a new restaurant at higher cost than buy fast food and a souvenir remembering the trip. Not to mention the more pricey food is better for you. The trip to Philadelphia wasn’t any different. Our hotel was beside 4…

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  9. Tourism

    In early August I had the opportunity to travel with my hockey team, the Carolina Fury, to participate the USA Powerhockey Championship in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Over the next 3 weeks, my blog will be about the experience of the trip. Yes, playing hockey is great, but the reward comes from having the opportunity to see…

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  10. My Friend, Kenny

    Once during an interview for a newspaper, I was asked if I was angry. Confused, I asked him to clarify. He said, “Okay I’ll come right out with it…are you mad at God because you were born with a disability?” Having been asked this question before I just smiled and gave my normal answer, “No,…

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